Metal Recycling

Do you own a factory that has scrap metal?

Do you need a metal structure dismantling workshop?

Are you a scrap metal trader?

Are you an individual that owns copper, aluminum, cables or metal?

KONSTANTINIDIS BROS, with its privately owned fleet of special crane trucks and its experienced staff, undertakes receiving of metal waste from your facilities immediately and responsibly, with particular emphasis on the safe loading of materials from your space.

The company’s executives are at your disposal to discuss with you and suggest you better solutions for the storage of metal waste in your facilities, improving their management but also the functionality and aesthetics in your space, having a wide variety of storage and transport bins.

It is able to guarantee advantageous financial terms with very good prices and good payment methods for a long and constructive cooperation. The modern organization of the company in combination with its long experience and remarkable sales network have made it a protagonist in its industry.

In addition, reliable and specialized staff with many years of experience in the field of metal recycling is always at your disposal to serve you immediately and suggest the appropriate solutions to your concerns.

The company’s best guarantee of its services is its wide network of partners and long-term relationships with its suppliers.

Purchase of Old Batteries and Catalysts

Are you a car repair shop?

Are you a battery dealer?

KONSTANTINIDI BROS has a nationwide license in management of old batteries from YPEKA, giving it the lead in the market and management of old batteries and catalysts.

The company delivers plastic bins to suppliers for the placement of old batteries and catalysts.

For more information on the free installation of plastic bins, their collection and transport, you can contact 18 133 or +30 2310.781132.